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Traditional Guest House

Kajiya Iya

昔暮らし体験宿 カジヤ祖谷浪漫亭

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Located deep within the Iya Valley of Shikoku, be overwhelmed with the hospitality of your host Shino-san at his traditional style guest house.

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Happy New Year 2024 !!

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Watch a video about staying at Kajiya Iya Romantei !

This was made by a guest, @itsukajapantravel, who makes YouTube videos about traveling in Japan.



Featuring country-style meals  cooked over a classic irori hearth, a 200+ bottle "Sake Shrine", and an outdoor goemunburo bath...

the experiences at Kajiya Iya Romantei are unlike anything you will have anywhere else.  


Though deep in the mountains, Kajiya Iya Romantei can be easily reached by car, public tranport,  or Shino-san can even pick you up from the closest train station.

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